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Frehindi Village is an unique Idea by Mr. Haru where people from Francophone countries and Indians share their culture and exchange ideas while learning finer things about language of each other in a informal settings at the top of the Himalaya where Frehindi Village is situated.

Each year there are two trips to the village :

1) Frehindi Village Sejour in the month of January every year.
2) Frehindi Village Monsoon Sejour in the month of August.

Natives of Francophone countries can look forward to an enriching experience of local culture and traditions by visiting Frehindi Village and French Teachers and Students of French can look forward to learning French and appreciating French culture directly from natives.

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Le Frehindi’s Summer Camp at Frehindi Village 2014 – Treasure Hunt & La Piscine Bhalugaad

This was Le Frehindi 1st full fledged trip for Schools at Frehindi Village. A group of about 20 students & French teachers guided by Prof. Hemant Bisht & Prof. Haru Mehra started their journey with an exciting Treasure Hunt and small trek to "La Piscine Blaugaad" where students had fun of their life in crystal clear water coming from a 300 feet water fall. Here are some of the pictures which will surely take your breath away :

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Frehindi Village Trip -2014 to Kundan ka Maison

This time around we were in for a surprise and a new 2 day old boy along with a 3 day old lamb greeted us at Kundan’s house at Frehindi Village Sejour 2014. Apart from this good news our journey towards the village started soon after our breakfast. We started at around 10 am downhill towards the village and on our way we were greeted by Fresh snow on the fields and on the route which made walking difficult but fun. Children and old all picked up snow balls to play with each other till the time we reached at natural water resources coming out of the mountain from where the villagers get their water. The water was so fresh that it can easily be called the natural mineral water of earth.

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Adventure Activities at Frehindi Village Sejour 2014

The adventure activities were planned at “Chauli Ki Jali” soon after the visit to 1000 year old “Siva” Temple called Mukteshwar Temple. The view of the valley down from Chauli Ki Jali is awesome. As per mythology, it is believed that a Demon and a Goddess fought a battle in this place, and there are faint outlines of a sword, a shield and a trunk of an elephant which stands as the testament of the battle. It is a natural lattice around the rock. Locals here believe that barren women who came and touched the lattice were blessed with a baby.

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3rd Frehindi Village Séjour – 2014 starts 3rd January 2014

Frehindi Village is an unique place situated on top of the Himalayas where the native French and Indians meet to …

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Launch of Webportal by Le Frehindi for International students and Indians living abroad

Frehindi Education Private Limited launched on 22nd Jan 2013, their new webportal on Moodle platform for International students and Indians …

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Frehindi Village Workshop on French Language – Towards Creative Teaching & Better Learning

Starting 19th Jan. 2013, Frehindi Education is conducting an unique workshop for French Teachers and Students alike which will see the launch of an unique e-learning platform for students & teachers of French Worldwide to deliver quality education in DELF diplomas.

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Pèlerinage à l’Himalaya : Mon incroyable aventure.

Pèlerinage à l’Himalaya : Mon incroyable aventure. La vie dans toutes ses formes n’est qu’une combinaison d’aventures. De beau matin, l’équipe …

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