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Workshop in Indian schools on new Assessmet at end of the Middle School

Help your child by attending the free assessmet workshop being organised at your child's school on the new assessment of CBSE effective 2017

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Fun learning Workshop at DPS-Rudrapur in the Himalaya State of UTTRAKHAND (UK)

Le Frehindi helps another school make it's mark on the world by introducing French in a new DPS which just opened in Rudrapur in the Himalayan state of Uttrakhand ( U K )

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Jour de la Bastille – French National Day Celebrated in Schools Across India

The National French Spell Bee was celebrated in schools in India with much fanfare with may activities, plays & songs planned for this special day of France.

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Welcome French authors Cécilia Weiss & theatre artist Véronique Jobard to your School in Nov. 2016

As part of our own contribution to the success of Namasté France & to promote "French Phonics" in top schools in India we are happy to announce that French authors Cécilia Weiss & theatre artist Véronique Jobard will be visiting the top 3 schools who are participants of the National French Spell Bee 2016 to engage students in creative activities such as creative songs; theatre & making them understand the importance of phonics.

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Top 10 pronunciation difficulties that an Indian student face while learning French

Learning a language is not only about reading and writing, but also about listening and reproducing the sounds as accurately as possible while speaking. A correct pronunciation of the words is a key to be understood. Spelling is often misleading, especially when it comes to French! Memorisation of the words by visualising the words and imitating the sounds is essential. Listening to an audio file while following along in the actual book contributes to gaining understanding and building general language confidence.

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A Promise I took from Students recently at Kota in my Life Beyond PCMB Workshop !

My guidance to students was simple i.e in today’s world money is everywhere therefore go where your heart is. Maths; science or chemistry are beautiful subjects and important for the advancement of human race but life would have no meaning if we do not have music; dance; stories; fashion; languages & history to learn from. Those things are equally important & sometimes the only thing which makes or breaks a person.

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