DELF Junior

DELF (Diplôme Élémentaire de Langue Française) is an official, internationally recognized diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify a non-native candidate’s competence in general French.

This course prepares for the Junior version of the DELF which addresses an audience of junior high school and high school students.

Students who wish to enroll must be aware that the DELF Junior is offered for basic and independent users only.
The preparation course is a 40 hour’s course whose main objective is to help students prepare for the exam at their chosen level and maximize their chance of success.
In the DELF Junior the activities are designed to focus on the four parts of the exam:
• Reading comprehension
• Listening comprehension
• Oral expression
• Written expression

Le Frehindi & DELF Junior training

We are pioneers to bring DELF Junior training to schools in India with the help of world class trainers. Many schools have already planned with Le Frehindi to train their students on DELF Junior.

DELF Junior & CCE system of CBSE

With an integrated global economy & the revolution of internet people are coming together like never before. Your student is sure to be a global citizen tomorrow. A bi-lingual with a proper accent is certain to have an advantage over other global citizens.
As per the new CCE system of CBSE, Le Frehindi presents DELF Junior in two sections i.e academics and co-scholastic section, under which a student would be exposed to life skills, including thinking, social and emotional skills, attitudes and values pertaining to language learning.
Under attitudes and values a students is encouraged to use the French language with teachers & schoolmates. Langauge skills are bought forward by using a student’s capability in creative and critical thinking, with social skills including his interpersonal communication, empathy and emotional skills.

We draw our faculty from professional French language teachers who have international teaching experience lead by Mr. Haru Mehra an Indo French-Thinker & Poet, who is perhaps the only person in the world who is the pioneer in writing hilarious & inspirational poems using the jugglery of Hindi, French & English words.

Haru devised an unique method of teaching French to students who are encouraged to use their own mother tongue to learn the French language in an easy & effortless way. The main difficulty that is faced by many students while learning French is with pronunciation of French words and letters which is made very easy by use of Frehindi technique. The songs & rhymes created by Mr. Haru reinforce grammatical patterns, visual aids symbolize vocabulary, and fun games carry emotion; vital factors when teaching: children to speak another language

Examination center:

The children are required to visit the French Embassy’s cultural center in New Delhi, only once at the end of the course to undertake the examination.

For more details & fee plans please feel free to call at 09811237037 or mail us at



French Course A1/A2/B1/B2 at BASAVA International School; Dwarka for Adults & Children

These diplomas have lifetime validity and are useful at various points in a lifetime be it career growth; business deals or applying for a scholarship at a good University or for immigration purpose to Canada & various other Francophone countries.

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Want to conduct a complimentary Interactive & Fun Learning French workshop at your school ?

An unique interactive communicative workshop which your students are going to love and learn by laughing and having some fun with so many language games; pronunciation techniques & specially created peppoetry & Frehindi ( French & Hindi poems ) by Haru & team

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National French Spell Bee 2015 ( Finals ) at India International Centre; New Delhi

The national french spell bee finale took place at a glittering event filled up with excitement on 25th January 2016 coinciding with the visit of the French President to India from 24th Jan to 26th Jan 2016.

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French Phrases That a Your French Students must know – Daily Use

Your student will thank you for this long after they leave the school. Teach functional language to your and children. Do not make it boring and a source for just to pass an exam

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How Teaching French has evolved from a being taught as a “Subject” to being discovered as a “language”?

The way French is taught in schools have undergone a systemic change in the past few years with introduction of the CCA system by CBSE. Not few years back French or for that matter any foreign language including “English” in certain schools was taught in a way where 90% of the course was focussed on “Grammar” skills of the student with almost negligible focus on the spoken and listening skills. So at the end of the session all you used to get is an examination paper with a comprehension, fill in the blanks, a lot of written grammar, writing essay etc. No one asked you in the examination how to pronounce a particular word or asked you to read a poem or an article or no one asked you in the exam to listen to a CD or audio and then give you questions based on that audio to test if you have listened properly. All this has changed in the last 2 to 3 years and the general teaching market in India has suddenly seen a demand for such trained trainers who could bring forth in the child all the aspects of a language, be it spoken, listening, writing or reading.

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Le Frehindi’s Summer Camp at Frehindi Village 2014 – Treasure Hunt & La Piscine Bhalugaad

This was Le Frehindi 1st full fledged trip for Schools at Frehindi Village. A group of about 20 students & French teachers guided by Prof. Hemant Bisht & Prof. Haru Mehra started their journey with an exciting Treasure Hunt and small trek to "La Piscine Blaugaad" where students had fun of their life in crystal clear water coming from a 300 feet water fall. Here are some of the pictures which will surely take your breath away :

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French Quiz for School Children in India ( April 2014 )

Greensfields Public School, Dilshad Garden is happy to announce a “Quiz Competition” on French language & culture as part of the Francophone Week being organized by Frehindi Education P Ltd. We are happy to invite your school to send your children to participate in the same.

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Comparaison des écoles indienne et française

Depuis le 1er avril 2010, l’école est devenue obligatoire en Inde pour les enfants de 6 à 14 ans, et les frais scolaires sont pris en charge par l'État pour les familles les plus démunies. Concernant l’école française, elle est obligatoire de 6 à 16 ans et l’école à la maison est aussi légale. Il existe plus de 65 000 écoles (publiques et privées) en France, et 18 % des élèves sont dans des écoles privées. Le nombre total d’élèves et d’étudiants est de 15 millions, c’est-à-dire un quart de la population. Selon l’enquête internationale PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) qui compare les systèmes éducatifs nationaux, les résultats du système éducatif français sont très moyens, et régressent en matière de lutte contre les inégalités sociales. S’agissant de l’Inde, il semblerait que les écoles privées soient d’un niveau supérieur aux écoles publiques. Concernant mon expérience personnelle lors de ma mission en Inde, j’ai pu observer beaucoup de similitudes entre les écoles indiennes et françaises, mais aussi beaucoup de différences. Les écoles indiennes et françaises ont comme points communs de pratiquer la mixité garçons-filles, mais également, les femmes sont majoritaires dans l’enseignement. Il y a cependant beaucoup de différences. Par exemple, les élèves indiens portent l’uniforme dans toutes les écoles indiennes afin d’éviter toute discrimination relative à leurs origines socio-économiques. Les heures de cours sont aussi différents, un cours dure 35 minutes en moyenne en Inde, et les élèves sont libres à partir de 14h, en ayant commencé leur journée à 9h. Néanmoins, ils ont école le mercredi, alors que les élèves français se reposent ce jour-là. Pour avoir travaillé dans des écoles françaises, je constate en comparaison que les élèves indiens sont plus calmes, disciplinés, motivés et respectueux que les élèves français. Je remarque aussi que les élèves français ont beaucoup plus de temps de recréation. Quant aux professeurs, ils peuvent librement parler de religion dans les écoles Indiennes, dans la salle des profs par exemple, ce qui est absolument inenvisageable en France… Je constate aussi qu’ils se plaignent moins que les enseignants français, qu’ils se critiquent moins entre professeurs, et qu’il y a une meilleure ambiance de travail. Une autre différence très importante entre les deux pays, c’est la place accordée aux libertés individuelles. A partir du lycée, les écoles françaises encouragent la campagne de prévention contre les maladies sexuellement transmissibles et la contraception, c’est pourquoi de nombreux lycées sont équipés de distributeurs de préservatifs gratuits pour les élèves. Ce type de politique est absolument inconcevable dans un pays comme l’Inde ! Une autre distinction qu’on peut faire, c’est l’espace ! En effet, les écoles indiennes accueillent un nombre si important d’élèves qu’elles sont immenses et disposent de cours de récréation gigantesques et verdoyantes, ça change du béton… Je tiens à remercier tout particulièrement l’institut FREHINDI qui m’a permis de découvrir et apprécier les écoles indiennes par le biais de nombreuses visites, en particulier à l'école prestigieuse "BASAVA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL" située à Dwarka. A bientôt, Claire

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Indo- French MoU signed on 16th April 2013 between CBSE & French Embassy to promote French & DELF Junior in Schools

The Embassy of France in India has been working continuously towards the promotion of French language and culture in India through its various initiatives, such as Teacher Training Programmes in France for French language teachers, inviting French language tutors to teach in Indian universities, offering the internationally recognised “DELF Junior” certification to school students, helping Indian and French schools to organise mutual school exchange programmes, creation and development of new learning methods and textbooks in an Indian context for the learners of the language in India. Mr. Haru MEHRA of Frehindi Education P Ltd was present on the occasion to provide moral support to the winners and during his talks to various stake holders highlighted the work done by Frehindi Education to promote DELF Junior is schools.

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Launch of French Olympiad by French Embassy in India

The French Olympiad was launched at the beautiful grounds of French Embassy’s cultural section on 5th October 2012. Apart from …

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