French Phrases That a Your French Students must know – Daily Use

Following are some of the phrases there your students must know being learners of French language. As our Mentor and Director Mr. Haru Mehra says that “You students are not learning French to pass an exam or to mug up certain words for FA or SA assessments but they are learning French so that they may use it in real world long after they have left the school; they are going to remember you not for your grammar lessons but for the vocabulary you gave them with correct pronunciation which they could use in real world after 5 or 10 years when they grow up and become truly a global citizen.

Here are few french expressions and phrases which your students should be able to use freely because they are used in today’s France in daily use :

Behave yourself! = Sois sage!
Chop the onions. = Émincez les oignons.
Do you believe in ghosts? = Tu crois aux fantômes?
Do you like French food? = Aimes-tu la cuisine française?
He behaved like an idiot. = Il s’est comporté comme un idiot.
I am busy. = Je suis occupé(e).
I don’t believe you. = Je ne te crois pas.
I don’t care! = Ça m’est égal.
I would like to speak to the person in charge. = Je voudrais parler au responsable.
I’m sorry to bother you. = Excusez-moi de vous déranger.
She behaved very badly. = Elle s’est très mal comportée.
She explained it very clearly. = Elle l’a expliqué très clairement.
The bank is closed. = La banque est fermée.


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