Adventure Activities at Frehindi Village Sejour 2014

The adventure activities were planned at “Chauli Ki Jali” soon after the visit to 1000 year old “Siva” Temple called Mukteshwar Temple.

The view of the valley down from Chauli Ki Jali is awesome. As per mythology, it is believed that a Demon and a Goddess fought a battle in this place, and there are faint outlines of a sword, a shield and a trunk of an elephant which stands as the testament of the battle. It is a natural lattice around the rock. Locals here believe that barren women who came and touched the lattice were blessed with a baby.

To our surprise we found that Kundan and fellow villagers are expert mountaineering experts and were our expert guides for the adventure activities.   Almost all of us fell for “Flying Fox” activity where we were tied on a rope and we were supposed to go down about 150 meters from top hanging on a rope. It was exhilarating for all and even the 5 year old son of Mr. Haru Mehra got courage to do the same. The place was a paradise for taking pictures and enjoying the clear Himalayan white peaks view from the top.

After our adventure activities and some hot “Maggie” for kids it was time to walk down to the PWD rest house for our lunch which was planned in open at a very peaceful and serene place with exotic birds as our company.

After finishing off our lunch with the local “baal mithai” we straightaway headed for a 7 KM downhill trek to Frehindi Village and what a along the road trek it was? In between there were dense forest and some local shops where we stopped by in groups to have hot “pahari” Tea. In between our trek we experienced mild now fall to the huge excitement of all.

Some older people and ladies with small children opted for Jeeps to go back to Frehindi Village but the rest of them had a gala time walking down the road chatting, sharing jokes and enjoying pure nature at its best.

We reached our destination around 6 pm well in time for our certificate distribution ceremony and dinner.

Following are the pictures which shows how much fun we had :

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