Quebec PR French Proficiency Points Matrix

Quebec PR French Proficiency Points Matrix

Hi Please find the pdf file from which you can judge your points for Quebec PR.

January 6, 2012

65 Responses on Quebec PR French Proficiency Points Matrix"

  1. Ridhi Roy Dureja says:


    I scored total 70.50 out of 100 in French Delf A1
    Break Up
    Ecrit Comprehension 21/5
    Production 19/25
    Comprehension 9.50/25
    Production 21/25

    How many points will I obtain for Quebec PR. Will marks of Ecrit be accounted in QUEBEC PR

    • Dear Ridhi,

      The Quebec Govt. in Canada have changed the rules since March 2013 and you now need to be DELF B2 qualified to get the points.

      Hence, please prepare for DELF B2 and we can help you in same.

      You may contact us at 09810129231.


      Team Frehindi

  2. Ritika says:


    Is this true that the A2 Score will be valid if you have given both A1 & A2 .

    I’ve given A2 without giving A1. Please suggest me how many points will I get if i score 16/25 in Listening and Speaking each.

    Kind Regards,

  3. Rajvindra Kaur says:

    I have scored 15/25 in CO
    11.50/25 in PO
    18/25 in CE
    13/25 in CO
    In total 57.50/00
    Please tell me how many points I have scored for Quebec Immigration?
    Rajvindra Kaur

  4. Kay Sarmiento says:

    just want to ask about how many points can i have in A1 if i got 13 in listening and 24.5 in Speaking.

    • Bonjour,

      I am afraid you will get no points for listening as you have to score 16 out of 25 to get points in listening. However, you may get one point for Speaking as u have got 24.5 / 25 in spoken French in DELF A1.


      Team Frehindi

  5. Jais says:

    I got the marks from delf a2 and got 15.5 from speaking and 13 marks from many point I will get??thanks

    • Bonjour Jais,

      I am afraid you will get no points as your score is less then 16 / 25 in both listening & speaking required for Quebec Immigration purpose.


      Team Frehindi

  6. vkk says:

    I(Main Applicant) have cleared DELF A1 (CO – 12.5 and PO 16.75) and My wife has also cleared the DELF A1. ( CO-21 and PO – 11). How many point should I get ?

    Should I get 1 point for PO or not ? How many point my wife get?

    Is it necessary to score above 16 for both (CO & PO) to get point ?

    If i give A2 exam and if i get below 16 but above 8 in CO & PO how many point should i get? and same result if my wife gets how many point she earn?

    • Dear Divya,

      We are afraid you have to score 16 / 25 in both CO & PO to get any points.

      If you get that then both of you gets 2 points i.e total 4.

      In the above case you do not get any points but in certain category like if you are in nursing profession for Quebec Immigration etc then you can apply with reduced points also.


      Team Frehindi

  7. Shruti Pandya says:

    I have passed TEFaQ with total score 285 Out of 810(listening-98/360, speaking-187/450) (Speaking B1 Leval & Listening A2 Level ).. so kindly request you to say me how much total point I can get from this Exam from TEFaQ. For Quebec Immigration Purpose..

  8. pratibha says:

    One more query please:

    My DELF A1 certificate showing mm/dd DOB instead of dd/mm DOB. Its a mistake.
    Local Alliance Francaise has not processed correction application in 2 months and i got wrong certificate.
    They are being irresponsible.
    1) Could you please tell me direct contact or website in france to get this done?
    2) Shall I go ahead with application for quebec saying DOB correction request is sent, giving current DELF A1 certificate??

  9. pratibha says:

    Please answer my one query :

    If I need to submit my Original DELF A1 certificate for Quebec application, will I get that certificate back?
    I dont really get the idea why zerox copy of DELF certificate will not work?
    Is it same with IELTS certificate?


  10. GINS GEORGE says:

    I have got 13.5 for speaking & 15 for listening in the DELF A2 exam. How much score will I get for Quebec migration program? And my place of birth is different in DELF A1 & A2. Will it affect my points? Do I need to show both certificates for the score?
    Waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  11. gill says:

    hello sir, i want to know about delf exam . its how many times in year,which month.

    • Calendrier des sessions de DELF Tous Publics, DELF Junior, DELF Pro et DALF
      Année 2013

      Session 1 : du 11 au 16 mars 2013

      Dates DELF TP et DALF
      Lundi 11 mars DELF TP A1
      Mardi 12 mars DELF TP A2
      Mercredi 13 mars DELF TP B1
      Jeudi 14 mars DELF TP B2
      Vendredi 15 mars DALF C1
      Samedi 16 mars DALF C2

      Session 2 : du 3 au 8 juin 2013

      Lundi 3 juin DELF TP A1 —- —
      Mardi 4 juin DELF TP A2 DELF Junior B2 DELF PRO B2
      Mercredi 5 juin DELF TP B1 DELF Junior B1 DELF PRO B1
      Jeudi 6 juin DELF TP B2 DELF Junior A2 DELF PRO A2
      Vendredi 7 juin DALF C1 DELF Junior A1 DELF PRO A1
      Samedi 8 juin DALF C2 — —

      Session 3 : du 23 au 28 septembre 2013

      Lundi 23 septembre DELF TP A1 — —
      Mardi 24 septembre DELF TP A2 DELF Junior B2 DELF PRO B2
      Mercredi 25 septembre DELF TP B1 DELF Junior B1 DELF PRO B1
      Jeudi 26 septembre DELF TP B2 DELF Junior A2 DELF PRO A2
      Vendredi 27 septembre DALF C1 DELF Junior A1 DELF PRO A1
      Samedi 28 septembre DALF C2 — —

      Session 4 : du 9 au 14 décembre 2013

      Lundi 9 décembre DELF TP A1 —-
      Mardi 10 décembre DELF TP A2 DELF Junior B2
      Mercredi 11 décembre DELF TP B1 DELF Junior B1
      Jeudi 12 décembre DELF TP B2 DELF Junior A2
      Vendredi 13 décembre DALF C1 DELF Junior A1
      Samedi 14 décembre DALF C2 —

      Team Frehindi

  12. Kenneth says:


    I am Kenneth Duremdes from Philippines planning to migrate as QSW in Quebec , I had taken my DELF A1 an A2 last Nov 28 and 29 2012 and I both passed here is my confirmed score released from Alliance Francaise .
    CO = 23,00 23,00
    CE = 14,00 14,00
    PE = 21,25 21,25
    PO = 24,50 24,50
    Total = 82,75 (admis)
    CO = 16,00 16,00
    CE = 12,00 12,00
    PE = 9,00 9,00
    PO = 15,50 15,50
    Total = 52,50 (admis)

    Kindly SVP send me how much points could I get for Quebec Permanent Worker program from the above score that I had earned.
    Your early reply is highly appreciated.



    • Bonjour,

      You will get 2 points for a above 16 sore in PO & CO at DELF A1 level.

      You missed 2 points by .50 as you got 16 in CO but only 15.50 in PO.


      Team Frehindi

      • Kenneth says:

        Good Day ,

        So what does this mean, How much TOTAL points could I claim from this result ? 2 points only , 4 points ? I am sorry but I am confused of how much would be the TOTAL points could I claim from my score for Quebec Immigration


  13. Sid says:

    Hi.. my Delf A1 Result is..
    Delf A2 Result is ….
    How much points will i get to file for Quebec immigration….? And can u give me fullform of CO,CE,PE,PO..?

    • Bonjour,

      I am afraid you will get no points as you have failed to score 16/25 in Production orale ( PO ) and Comprehension Orale ( CO ) in A1.

      However, you will get 2 points for A2 as you have scored 8/25 in A2 which is equivalent to 16/25 in A1.

      CE- Comprehension ecrit

      PE- Production ecrit


      Team Frehindi

  14. shruti pandya says:

    respected sir.
    My self shruti pandya.
    I have passed DELF A1 with total score 64 (listening 11, speaking 13.50) and i have passed DELF A2 with total score 56 (listening11,speaking 16 ). So kindly request you to say me how much total point i can get from this exam from A1 & A2 seperatly…..

  15. prakash bagsariya says:

    Hello ,

    In TCF exam. which type of module come [means Listing ,Speaking , Writing , Reading] ??

    How many marks require to pass TCF exam. ??

  16. prakash bagsariya says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    My name is prakash bagsariya. I want to give TCF exam. for Quebec immigration process.

    Can you please tell me the TCF next exam. date and the center name where TCF exam. conduct ??

    What is the fees for TCF examination ?? How much time take for to get original certificate ??


  17. Prakash Bagsariya says:

    Hello Sir,

    provisional certificate [ Not Original DELF Certificate ] is allow for Quebec immigration file ? ? ?


    • Bonjour,

      The Canadian Embassy wants the Original DELF A1 / A2 Diploma to be submitted before they process your application.

      It takes about 3 months from the exam date to get the original diploma and before that you get only the attestations which will not suffice for Quebec Immigration purpose.

      So it is my advice to all to plan your French exam of DELF accordingly.

      Also there is a shorter route to deposit the TCF results which comes in about 1 months time but the cost of appearing in the exam is higher and also it is more difficult to clear TCF then DELF as there is a human interface in DELF and in TCF you got to answer the MSQ type questions on machine and in the oral they ask you the question only once ( viz a viz DELF where they make you explain in different ways if you are stuck ) and ten move on to the next question. This the examiner do as the whole process is recorded unlike DELF where there is no recording and a lot depends on the teacher who is taking your interview or oral test.


      Team Frehindi

  18. Prakash Bagsariya says:

    Hello Sir,

    My name is prakash bagsariya. I have get total 48.50 / 100 marks of DELF A2 exam.

    Can i eligible to get origanal certificate of DELF A2 ??

    Please give me answer as soon as possible.

    Prakash Bagsariya

    • Bonjour,

      You fail the exam if you score 48.50 out of 100 in DELF exam.

      You need to get atleast 50 out of 100.

      So we are sorry you are not eligible to use the DELF A2 diploma because you will not get the diploma with those marks.

      Many students come to us and say that they will self study or take private tutions to clear the DELF A1 exam but actually they do not understand that the DELF exams are not that simple. There are four levels and each level is of 25 marks and you need to score a minimum of 5 at each level and overall you have to get 50 out of 100. The 1st 25 marks paper is oral where you are all alone with two French Teachers in a room and the teachers ask you your introductions followed by a situation ( Role play ) which you must choose just before the Oral exam and for which you are given 10 minutes of preparation time. Once your role play is over the teachers show you some pictures and you need to make questions on those pictures, so question making is an integral part of the oral.

      The next 25 marks paper is that they pack about 10/12 students in a room and then play a CD ( twice ). This CD is in native French accent and you need to catch the accent and fill up the questionnaire given to you. For Eg. if in the CD you have a situation where you hear an announcement of the arrival of the train, you might be asked to write the “Train Number” after listening to the CD. Normally two CD’s are played.

      The next level of test is Comprehension ( of 25 marks ) where they give you a passage with some pictures and you need to answer the questionnaire attached. This part most of the students in India do well ( Thanks to our education system ). However, if you are applying for Quebec PR then they do not see these marks in comprehension so although you have to give the comprehension exam as you need to have the physical diploma but the Quebe Govt. just considers the listening and spoken marks given at the back of the Original diploma.

      The last part of 25 marks is the written part and here you are expected to write a letter ( in formal in A1 ) for 50/80 words and normally Indians do well but many are not able to understand the question well ( In the question it is given on what topic/ situation you have to write ) and thus many students fail this part. This also is not considered by the Quebec Govt. as they see only the oral and listening score in DELF Diploma.

      Hence, it is not that easy and you got to prepare and plan for it.

      Ideal would be to get 3/4 hours of class per week and to give yourself 3/4 months to prepare for each level.

      If you think that you will be able to catch in one month time…let me tell you it is going to be difficult.

      If you really want to learn in quick time, the only way is to join our “10 Day DELF A1 program” where we eat, drink and sleep french for 10 days at our center in New Delhi ( Full day program ). This is ideal for busy executives and businessmen who can take a break of 10/11 days and clear the DELF A1 on 11 th day.

      We hope the above helps a lot of candidates as the new sessions opens in March and new policy comes and you got to prepare in advance for you Canadian PR.

      Warm Regards

      Team Frehindi

  19. prats says:


    Please help with following queries: I want to apply for quebec skilled visa ASAP.
    1) I passed IELTS with 7.5 band.
    2) I just got my result of DELF A1 as below (speking is very low). How many points I will get? and these points are final or may vary depending upon ones overall profile?
    CO: 18.5
    CE: 23
    PE: 22
    PO: 9.5
    Total: 73

    3) Do I need to take DELF A2 (problem is results come very very late), If yes, what should be my target here?

    • Bonjour,

      I am sorry you need to improve your score and get more then 15 in Oral.

      Now the only option is to go for A2 and there try to score well as once you have cleared the DELF A1 you cannot give it again ( U got to 1st cancel the DELF A1 diploma which takes 8/9 months ).

      So the best will be to prepare online one2one instructor led program for DELF A2 and give TCF where the result comes in 1 months and the certificate also.

      In DELF it will take 3 months for the original diploma to arrive from France.

      You may call at 09811237037 for more details.


      Team Frehindi

  20. joe Antun Mithun says:


    Me and my wife are planning to apply for Quebec immigration and I need your help as I am confused about the point system.
    We have written our IELTS exams and for listening we got 8.0 and for speaking we got 7.0.
    We also wrote our DELF A1 exam, for listening I got 15.5/25 and speaking I got 20/25. For listening my wife got 22.5/25 and speaking she got 20/25.

    Can you please tell me how many points have we earned from the above scores?

    Thank you
    Joe Antun Mithun

    • Bonjour,

      In the above case your wife has earned 2 points only and you have just missed by 2 points because you are short of .50 points in listening segment.


      Team Frehindi

  21. Dilip says:


    I am Dilip Kumar from Hyderabad. I would like to apply for Quebec Immigration under Skilled Worker Visa so for that i need at least 4 points and my spouse needs at least 2 points to fulfill 57 points for Quebec PR.

    1. How many are points allocated to A1 and A2.level of French ?

    2. If i just get 50% or above, in A1 and A2 levels, will i get 6 points? considering Listening, Speaking, Writing & Reading?

    3. Does Quebec Immigration only consider Listening and Speaking skills for Quebec Immigration?

    4. Finally, what syllabus is included in A1 and A2 Levels of French?

    I request You to Please send me Details for my Queries. As my Immigration Consultant told me that if i clear A1 and A2 levels of French i get 4 and 2 points, so

    in total of 6 points .


  22. babbu grewal says:

    hi sir,
    My wife(main applicant) got 21.5 in listening and 22.5 in speaking in DELF A1 and 15 in listening and 16 in speaking in DELF A2. How many points will she get?
    Also I scored 13.5 in listening and 15 in speaking in Delf A1. Will I able to get any points?
    Kind Regards.

    • Bonjour,

      You wife will get 2 points for DELF A2 ( A2 Score will be valid if you have given both A1 & A2 ).

      You will not get any points as your score is less then 16.


      Team Frehindi

  23. Mathews Abraham says:

    Respected sir,

    Right now Im going to ottawa for my 2yr study,and my primary aim is to get P.R.Is there any use of currently taking A2 level exam,If yes could u please tell me how much point will i get for immigration.

    Please reply.

    • Bonjour,

      Once you give the DELF A2 exam then only we will be able to tell you how much marks you will get.

      Suppose you get 15/ 25 is spoken & listening then you will be entitled to 4 points.


      Team Frehindi

  24. smanish sadhu says:

    Dear sir,
    we have got 0 point of franch for delf A1 till. Our total point are 58. According to our agent we wish to put canada quebec family pr immigration file is thare any problem ?

  25. shruti pandya says:

    Dear sir,
    I am shruti pandya i have completed delf A1 with listenning 13.50 and speaking 11 marks. If i am giving delf A2 in august 28 – 2012 and if i will get total 50 marks but no more than 8 marks in speaking and listenning. May i give delf A2 in november 2012 2nd time to score good marks and for canada immigration file

    • Bonjour,

      If you pass the DELF Diploma then there is a long process of cancelling your present diploma and then taking the exam again ( 8-10 months ).

      So you cannot give exam again if you pass it.

      However, You can give DELF B1.


      Team Frehindi

  26. Himmatsinh says:

    Respected sir,
    My selh himmat chavada.
    I have passed DELF A1 with total score 76.50(listening-19,speaking-17.50) and I have passed DELF A2 with total score 55(listening-10.50,speaking-18.50). so kindly request you to say me how much total point I can get from this Exam from
    A1 & A2 seperately.

  27. shruti pandya says:

    i have passed delf A1 with 64 marks, in listening 13.50 & in speaking 11 marks. My hausband has passed delf A1 with 51 marks in listening 14 & speaking 11 marks how many points i will gate quebec immigration file… I am very confused.. Please replay me…

    • Bonjour,

      I am sorry you will have to go for A2 level as your score is well below 15 out of 25 for listening & speaking.

      In A2 even if you get 8 / 25 you will get atleast 2 points.

      All the best


      Team Frehindi

  28. felix says:

    I am felix mathew .i got 15 for listening and 19.5 for speaking in delf a2 .how many points will i get for quebec p r

  29. gurvinder says:

    my name is Gurvinder kaur. i want to aplly for PR under quebec skilled workers.I got 20marks in listening & 11 marks in speaking (delf A2)
    my Husband got 14marks in listening & 11 Marks in speaking(delfA1) so how much point i can get 4 or 6 ? i am really confused about this.
    please reply me
    thank you

    • Dear Gurvindar,

      You will get only 2 marks and you have got less then 15 in speaking and you will get nothing from your husband as he has failed to secure 15 out of 25 in any of the speaking or listening.


      Team Frehindi

  30. manminder singh says:

    my name is prabhjot kaur. i want to aplly for PR under quebec skilled workers. I want to give A2 and if i fer more than 16 marks in both listening and speaking so how much point i can get 4 or 6 ? i am really confused about this. and if my husband can get same point how much he can get ?
    please reply me
    thank you

    • Dear Manminder,

      As per the latest Matrix you will get 2 points for DELF A1 & your wife will get an additional 2 points ( Total 4 ) if you score 16/25 in listening & spoken French.

      Similarly if you score 16/25 in DELF A2 then you get ( the principal applicant ) 6 points whereas your spouse gets 2 points only.

      For more info please feel free to write to


      Haru MEHRA

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