Job Opportunity at French Embassy in New Delhi ( B2 Level DELF )

The Cultural Department of the French Embassy/Institut Français en Inde is looking for a person in charge of communication and sponsorship. Placed directly under the authorities of the Cultural Counsellor and the deputy Cultural Counsellor, the incumbent will carry out the following tasks:

- bring his(her) knowledge and expertise in defining a global communication strategy for
the Institut français in India in the following domains : promotion of French culture
(in the fields of arts, literature, cinema, discussions); promotion of higher studies in
France; promotion of French language.
- participate in the creation and animation of a website consisting of links to web pages
containing cultural information (drafting of legal/official texts and contracts); creating
awareness of our website on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin).
- Participate in the creation of a funds raising strategy; find sponsors for cultural events.

The job requires the following qualifications:
Professional skills: Excellent interpersonal skills with dynamic, outgoing nature,
organisational capacity, flexible in office timings, multi-tasking. Personal
interest in the cultural field is requested. Good knowledge of the internet
and social networks. Very good IT skills in software (MS Office : word,
excel, powerpoint…)
Languages: Very good command over French ( B2 level DELF ) and English (translating capacity).
Contract: Permanent (Renewable one year contract)
Date of employment : 01/11/2011
If you are interested in applying for this post, please send your application letter + CV + copies of degrees/certificates at the earliest by e-mail to :

Contact Person : M. Thierry ROBERT, Deputy cultural counsellor .

E-mail Resume at :

You may also Post to the addressed mentioned below :

Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle/Institut Français
en Inde
2, Aurangzeb Road
New Delhi 110 011
Tél. : +91-11-
Fax : +91-11-

Bonne Chance

Team Frehindi

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About Team Frehindi

Frehindi Education P LTD is a company incorporated Under Section 149(7) of the Companies Act in India & having it's representations in major countries like France,Canada,US & Finland. The word "Frehindi" is derived from the language 'French' & 'Hindi'.It was coined by Indo-French Children writer & illustrator - Haru Mehra, who is perhaps the only person in the world who has pioneered in writing hilarious & inspirational poems using Hindi, French & English words which helped thousands on Indians to learn a Foreign language effortlessly. Mr. Haru is also the Treasure ( North ) of the IATF-Inde ( A body of French Teachers which works closely with French Embassy for promotion of French language in India). A research at Frehindi Education (P) Ltd discovered that the French language is much closer to Hindi then English. There are many striking similarities between the two languages at least grammatically. For Eg. Just as we say in Hindi "mera beta" & "meri beti", the same "mera"( mon ) & "meri" ( ma ) is there in French whereas in English it remains "My Son" & "My daughter".Coming back to India from Paris, Haru devised an unique method of teaching French to students who are encouraged to use their own mother tongue to learn the French language in an easy & effortless way. The main difficulty that is faced by many students while learning French is with pronunciation of French words and letters which is made very easy by use of the "matra system" in Frehindi technique. Le Frehindi promotes DELF Junior in it's partner Schools. We have the world’s 1st instructor led platform to teach French online by the name of with representation in 5 countries including France, Canada, Finland, USA & India. Using this site anyone in the world can earn DELF diploma and give examination at the examination center of his / her choice in the world. Frehindi Education P LTD with the active help of the Government of Uttrakhand, is also credited for developing "Village Frehindi" an unique village near Nanital in Himalayas, which is dedicated to Indo-French friendship. At this peaceful village perched in the interiors Uttrakhand the French & Indian nationals get to stay with locals and share their thoughts/culture and learn to speak each others language in a natural environment. Many activities are planned here which are aimed to develop young local talent jointly by Indian & French nationals. At Frehindi we help corporates, immigrants to Quebec & school/college students to learn French & earn all levels of DELF diploma which is awarded by French Education Ministry across the globe. We also provide tailor-made courses to learn Hindi for students of Francophone countries who come on short term visit to India. Le Frehindi also pioneers in launching the 1st of it's kind Teachers Training Course for budding French Teachers. All the teachers at Frehindi Education P Ltd are qualified diploma holders from the French Ministry of Education / MA / Mphil in French. You can reach us at
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4 Responses to Job Opportunity at French Embassy in New Delhi ( B2 Level DELF )

  1. sonia sharma says:

    dear sir,
    I have completed A2 and now i am in b1(c x). please consider me, waiting for your positive response.

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  2. Birendra Bhandari says:

    Dear sir/madami lookink service job in embassy i have 18th years hotel industry
    thanks BirendraBhandari

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  3. pinky sherawat says:

    Found it eally worthy and looking forward to gain sth out of it.
    Thank You

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